Grow Your Artist Brand with Custom Merch.

SongCove is a creative agency that helps artists grow their brands through the power of merchandising and influencer strategy. From launching your unique custom merch line to creatively partnering you with social influencers, we’re here to help you kickstart interest around your music and overall brand. Let’s build your brand the smart way!

Get Your Music the Awareness It Deserves!

We’re all about making sure your artist brand is properly represented, and placed in front of wider audiences.

Establish Your Brand

Work with SongCove to build out your brand’s ethos in a way that speaks to your core audience. We’ll make sure your music is channeled through a consistent visual style and identity.

Launch Custom Merch

Create and sell a range of print-on-demand items that resonate with your fan base. No need to worry about payments, production, and order delivery. We handle all of it for you!

Maximize Your Releases

Our team of experts will help you create products, bundles, and viral giveaways around your new releases to help drive awareness and boost revenue.

Take Your Artist Brand to the Next Level.